Cg Pattaya 1 bed (L)

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City Garden Pattaya, 1 bedroom, Large

Centrally-located, luxury condominium in Pattaya specified to international standards inside and out. City Garden Pattaya is stunning with its soft horizontal curves harmonized with strong vertical struts. Completed in 2010, it is still ahead of its time.
Featuring classy and capacious European-style bathrooms and kitchens, all units are beautifully-appointed with the best quality fixtures and fittings as standard for comfort and convenience.
This property can be rented for shorter terms, minimum of 7 days. Availability can only be confirmed by contacting the owner

This space can be booked monthly. For shorter rentals – please contact us.
No. of months
– Price/month differs depending on how many months you wish to rent. Price in Thai bath.
Rent/month – This shows the rent you need to pay every month
Deposit – Deposit is paid as a security and will be paid back on check out day.

No. of months Rent/month Deposit
1 36.000 30.000
2 36.000 30.000
3 32.000 35.000
4 32.000 35.000
5 32.000 35.000
6 28.000 40.000
7 28.000 40.000
8 28.000 40.000
9 28.000 45.000
10 28.000 45.000
11 28.000 45.000
12 26.000 50.000

For booking, please contact us for further arrangements. If this space is not available, please contact me to show other available similar units.
Please be advised that the booking deposit will not be paid back if you do not complete the booking and the unit will become available for anyone else to book.

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