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Posted by Zap Po on May 28, 2019
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Real estate in Thailand List your property for sale. For free! buy condo | list property for free | marketing

Simple real estate agent networking

Join fro free

Join our real estate agent network system for properties in Thailand. Ad property listings for free. You can join for free and start selling all our listings at any time. You will receive email notifications every time there is a new listing available. 

Do a search

Open “Search for anything” from the head menu. Click on the gray button “Agent approved”. You will now get ALL the listings that are active and approved for agent selling.

Listings marked with “Agent Network”  are integrated in to our network system and is open for anyone to sell. You get all the commission but Thailand4sale.net will charge a small advertising fee when the property is sold. No other fees before that happens. Contact us to get information on the listing owners contact information and then contact the listing owner directly.

All other properties in your search can only be sold together with the listing agent which means you will share the commission. Contact the agent and agree upon the rules how to sell this property. If yo manage to sell that property we will charge the listing agent a small advertising fee.

Partners welcome

We are looking for partners. You may sell anything on our web site from any corner of the world. You do not need to be a registered real estate agent, anyone can market and sell. If your business is located outside Thailand you can market and find customers from anywhere. Our local agents will take care and complete the deal for you. If the property is sold you will share commission with the selling agent once the deal is completed. You and the selling agent will share 50/50 to pay for our advertising fee.

Are you a marketing guru or in the real estate business?

Join our system without any back draws. Find customers from any country, make contact and let us finish the deal here in Thailand. You can use your skills in almost any way you want and you or your company will be completely anonymous. Market our products from any country or world wide. Target people who wants to move to or retire in Thailand. Some people want a place to stay for their short trips to Thailand, some other stay for months at the time. Others want to invest money in buying and then rent out. We offer a great service where we are caretakers of many condo’s today in the Pattaya area. Included is also our effort to rent it out for our customers.

  • Sale of a property normally gets minimum 3-5%, sometimes even higher. Calculated from sell price.
  • Sale of development property will get you minimum 3% of sales price.
  • Rentals normally get 8-10% of total rental income.

Interested in the real estate business or you all ready work with property sales?

  • Sign up as an agent or agency/favored agency and get more privileges
  • Favored Agencies have the opportunity to list new developments for free
  • Sign up anonymous and do marketing
  • Join our system and get access to many more properties for sale. 
  • Choose what property/properties you want our agent network help to sell
  • Choose what property/properties you want to sell together with other agents
  • Start selling property from one or several of our existing developers
  • List your own properties for sale. It is for free and you will get a number of featured listings for free also to boost your sales
  • Only you will have full control over your listings and can delete or change any time you want. You decide how you want to sell or buy from your free listings. Thailand4sale.net will never interfere with your work, unless you ask us to help.
  • The customers that your marketing produce can buy anything range from a second hand real estate to a new development product. When the customer finish the buy you will get your referral commission from the listing agent/agency
Our agent networking services will cost you nothing = you can not loose anything. We charge a small marketing fee on the sales you finalize and only if buyer originates from this web site.

Thailand4sale.net will require a commission fee as follows:

  • For rental referral: 1% of total rental sum OR minimum 1.000 THB.  The marketing fee will be eligible when rental customer move in.
  • For sale referral: 0,3% of buy/sell sum OR minimum 5.000 THB. The marketing fee will be due to be paid when buy/sell is finished at Land Office.
  • For development sales: 0,8% or minimum 15.000 THB
  • Marketing fee is paid ONLY when buyer/renter made contact from this web site.
  • The listing agent/agency is responsible for paying our marketing fee. If the seller is anyone outside this system (end customer) the agent/agency that contact the seller and manage to sell/rent out the property will automatically become the sellers listing agent and therefore responsible to pay out the marketing fee. All listings (except some end customers) have a registered agent or agency in our system. All registered contacts will be presented to that listing agent/agency only.
This web site is a real estate marketing tool in Thailand where agents and agencies can network to increase their sales and increase the number of interested buyers to benefit the seller, the buyer and the involved agent.
  • We offer free listings for new customers. They can sell or rent out condo, house, land, business and more.  Any kind of real estate can be listed. We are connected to several agents and agencies that frequently add listings.
  • We are also at the moment building up a pool of developers. As for Pattaya we all ready have a number of joined project builder companies, See Developer list . This will expand to join with developers in other major cities in Thailand and at some point become complete to cover all of Thailand.
  • The customers that your marketing produce can buy anything range from a second hand real estate to a new development product. When the customer finish the buy you will get your referral commission.

Get going with real estate in Thailand.  #1 marketing strategy
Professional marketing #2 marketing strategy
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