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Sell/buy ANYTHING with free marketing. Business welcome to promote their products, Be sure to maximize your sale, read  #1 marketing strategy

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User – Free:

Anyone can list up to 50 Classified Ads and/or Real Estate listing for free. Your ad/ads will be visible for a minimum of 90 days. If you sell property, connecting to one of our agents will get you extra advantages like a free featured listing, marketing, and professional help in our agent networking system. This agent will become your MAIN and ONLY contact but all other agents/agencies in the system can work to sell your property through your assigned agent. If you do not register with an agency – your listing will still be available for sale in our network system. Select the option “Agent approved” when you do your listing.

User – Featured:

Any individual/business can list anything as Featured for extra visibility and more options. It will be visible for a minimum of 90 days. Thispaid option is not needed for a property if you connect to an Agent from our system. They will handle everything for you.

Agent/agency/developer/marketing guru:

We are looking for business partners – Get going with real estate in Thailand. Our # 1 marketing strategy. Freelance agents/marketeers can start to sell from anywhere in the world, more info HERE.  All partners can do their own listings. Make contact with any partner and start selling their listings and/or developments. Increase your portfolio in an instance, expand your opportunities to sell more.


Any developer or building company (registered) can sign up and present their services and/or projects and connect to any agency in our system to expand their sales force.

There are two options available: 

  1. Sign up for one of our packages or let us know a package that better suits your needs.
  2. Register as a partner in our Free Marketing system. Listings are for free and you will get full access to all our listings for sale.

Free marketing

In any business, NETWORKING is the most important marketing there is but it usually comes with a lot of time-consuming work – Get going with real estate in Thailand – all that work is already done. The more connections you have the more business you can do, it is that simple. Real estate is about having many objects for your customers to choose from AND having many customers interested in buying.

Our property service offer: 

  • Sign up for free marketing and start making connections to increase your sales.
  • List your properties for sale or rent for free.
  • Have other agents/marketers bringing you a new customer.
  • Increase your portfolio by selling other agencies listings = more sales.
  • Expand your business effortlessly. Less work and more profit.
  • Pay a small commission only WHEN you finish a sale.
  • Networking that is truly easy and efficient.

We offer a partnership where you can sign up as an agent, agency, marketing guru, or developer for free – Get going with real estate in Thailand. You will be presented on the web page for free and then can start to connect to any of our registered partners or start to sell all our listings to increase sales. Connect to any partner to start selling their products.

The cooperating partners will set up and agree on the terms individually between each other. In many cases, you will deal directly with the seller. will charge a small commission for each sold unit or service stemming from contacts on our web site. This commission will be set as an agreement between and the involved partners. All terms are outlined in page Agency system information.

The automatic data feed can be set up in CSV or XML format. Possibly for other formats as well, let us know. If you do not have data systems that support any format you may consider using an excel program were to list your real estate listings. This format can be used to update your listings in our system. We will help you set up your system.

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