Easy Steps to Sell Stuff Using Classified Ads Free Thailand

Easy Steps to Sell Stuff Using Classified Ads Free Thailand

Everything has become easier these days with the internet. The internet is also an ideal market place for buyers and sellers alike. But many of us are not aware of how easily this can be used to sell my things online free. Let’s take look at these easy steps to sell your things and make good money.

1.Select the items that you want to sell

As stated earlier, selling online is easy. But you will have to look for items that you want to sell. And it may not be difficult to find buyers on classified ads free Thailand. But it is advisable that you search for items that add value. Avoid very old items. Collectibles, furniture, exercise equipment, and furniture are good things to start with.


Once you have decided what things fall under the category- sell my things online free, check the market for those items. Check the websites regularly for a few days or weeks. This will explain to you how much to quote the price. If the market is an established one then you can pitch for higher prices.

3.Decide the website to sell

While you research for a market you will also understand which website has the best market place for your items. Make sure that you don’t select a shady website. Here, you will need to build a good profile for your product. Write a good product description and if photos can be added, do that. As it will bring more value to your ad.

4.Follow up the inquiries

The ad receives the most inquiries when it is new. Hence you will receive bulk queries within the first 24-48 hours. Make sure that you respond to most of these quickly so that you can get the best deal at classified ads free Thailand.


Selling online can be easy. You just need to be proactive and do your research well. Also, ensure that you check the genuineness of your buyers. Be aware of fake buyers who may try to trick you. And make sure you crack the best deal!

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