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Supercharge your company marketing. Any business – big or small!

Step 1: Classified ads – free for business only

Here is how to advertise free services with company marketing:

First step: Register at the top above

Second step: Now you will be logged into your Dashboard.

Third step: From your dashboard, first complete your profile. Click on “Profile” in the menu to the left. Second, add all your listings under “Classified ads” and/or “Real estate”. Finish your product listings and wait for the approval.

Step 2: Business directory – free for business only

We recommend adding your company to our business directory that will give your company name even more visitors. From your dashboard, add a new listing. Choose the category “Business Directory”. Add pictures and write something about your business. Your contact information will automatically show as per your registration info.

You can also claim almost ready-made directory listings. They are marked with (Claim). Open one directory listing that fits your business. Read the instruction under “Information” on how to claim it. All legitimate claims will be granted belonging to your business. Start now – click on the button below.

Step 3: Free website – free for business only

We will create a professional and well-designed web page for you and host it for free. See more information – Click on the button below.

Step 4: Advertising free for business only

We will create an ad that will be placed on top or to the right of most listing pages for maximal exposure. You need to do one or more listings to get this free ad.

As a business, you also have the following great options, all for free.

  1. Sell anything, products, services, or simply show your company name. Free marketing. Up to 50 ads and 1 featured for free.
  2. For businesses choose our “Classified ads” and/or “Real estate” option that will get your ad more value. Any product, service, any price.
  3. One permanent AD for free. This ad will be placed on every listing that will get you maximal exposure or in the header/sidebar of all listing pages. Every time someone looks at a listing page your ad will be visible. Limited offer. You may advertise your logo only, events, or others with a product price between 0 – unlimited
  4. Please follow our Terms & Conditions If violated your ad will not be approved.
  5. Your business can be anything from air condition service to a taxi/restaurant service or a manufacturing/reseller business.
  6. If no category matches your business we will provide one suitable.
  7. Wait for buyers to contact you. They can contact you on your phone directly or by email.
    Consider paying a small amount to get your listing Featured. That will give your ad greater visibility. Choose your package when you do your first listing. You can always upgrade later at any time. You can choose between several different ways to sell your thing or even give away for free.


Print out this PDF file.



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