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Our agent network system has together several 100’s years of experience and resources. Let us scan the market to find what you are looking for. This service is for free.

Let it be a cheap condo, luxurious house, land, business or anything within the real estate market.

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Buy real estate marketing strategy – a positive impact on your sales!

This is a short description of our marketing strategy that you should know about?

How you can boost your marketing and improve your sales rate of real estate in Thailand?

It is very common in Thailand that the property seller lists his property to many real estate agencies. Will it get better results? May be but you risk having agencies that really can not sell and only take up your time or simply never heard from again. Not very effective and possibly scare of your potential buyers. How can you get several agents and agencies working to sell your property without the back draws? First of all, visit our web page.

Agent networking will boost your sales is an agent networking system where many agents and agencies work together to sell your property. They all work with agreed-upon ethic rules and are also approved by Some of them are listed on our web page and many others are pending approval.

You need only to list your property once and approve the use of our agent network. List your property ONCE and enjoy the network effort, no extra fuss or effort. Our agent will contact you once there is an interested customer to make a showing appointment. You will deal only with ONE agent. In the background, there will be several agents working for you.

What are my benefits?

You can always list your property for free by your self. Then you are on your own.

If you wish we can assign a trusted agency to start networking to sell your property. This will be the one and only contact you need. That agency will then start networking with other agents.

Your new agent will list your property and make it featured for greater visibility. Besides that every visitor to our web site is a potential buyer the agent also will market your property on social media and using other marketing strategies that are already lined up in our system.

Will this networking service cost me anything?

No, you pay normal commission as you would do to any other agent when the deal is finished, the sale registered at Land Office and you got your money. Our agents will share your commission as it pleases them. For them, it is less commission for each sale but overall they will sell much more and so benefit greatly from our networking. We have several very experienced agencies co-working with us that follow our ethical rules. This is your guarantee that your sale will be finished both secure and effortless.

What if I am a potential buyer to buy real estate?

You are welcome as well. You may also choose one of our agents and the system will work for you too the same way. We have a huge amount of properties together in the network, only a few of them are listed on our web page.

The first step to sell your property

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This is the easy way to do your listing quickly. You may also ask your appointed agent to do the listing for you.

We are constantly looking for networking partners

Are you a marketing guru? Join us as a marketing partner. Property buyers arrive in Thailand from many different countries to buy a property like a house, condo, business, developments, land and more. You could become our marketing guru from almost any country. Pick up that potential buyer before they arrive in Thailand and make contact with one of our agencies. The local agent in Thailand will take care of your customer and if it results in a buy you will get a good commission. You may also help our agent with translating should your customer not speak a language where we have a translator all ready.

Are you active in the real estate business in Thailand? Join our network marketing and start to sell more. It will not cost you anything. you will get a commission when a sale is finished. You can list your properties for free on our web page and contact any of the agents in our system. You will also have all the help you need in marketing, strategies, and support of any kind.

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