You do not have your own web page? You should. Outrun your competitors.

In times like today with the virus destroying many businesses, it is more important than ever to do effective marketing and increase your number of new customers.

Free web site

Do not know how to set up your own web site or it costs too much? This is your solution.

We offer you a web site for FREE. We will host it, set it up, and market it for free. A complete solution that will bring you, new customers, to your business. Really? is this too good to be true? Try it, you have nothing to lose. No fee, no credit card.

Any type of business is welcome, very small – or bigger. Any branch gets a Free web site.

Check out our demo page. This could become your own in a few days. The demo shows a restaurant but can be anything else. The only limitation is that it must be a legitimate business and will not be accepted if it breaks any Thai law or is against our company policy. Take a look at what we offer below.

It is simple to get started, we do all the hard work:


  • If you want a big image or a slider at the top you need to give us one or several images no less than 1.400 x 500 pixel with a resolution minimum of 90 pixel
  • We also need your logo and any other images to be used below the top image/slider.

Write down all the text you want to be shown on the web page. Look at our Demo (Button above) to give you an idea.

  • Additional information could be: email, phone, address, Line, and more
  • Please tell us a little about your business so that we can get an idea of what your business is about and who your typical customers are.
  • We will set up a web page to fit with your type of business. Initially, you can change the content to suit your business better.
  • A featured ad at our web page with a link that will take the visitor to your own web page.
  • A QR-code that you can use on your business card, invoices, and other marketing you do by your self.

All the above is for FREE for one year. If you want to continue after that we will charge you only 100 THB/month.

There are some paid features explained below.
  • More than one page with top menus
  • Categories
  • Google maps with street view
  • E-commerce
  • Extra marketing with advertising, and/or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work
  • Changes after the page have been up for more than 2 weeks.

Easy to start. Fill in the form HERE!

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