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Rent a space – with a smile. Large collection of rentals in Pattay ranging from cheap to luxury, central or sea view, small or large. 1 week and up to 1 year rental contract.
Locations all over Pattaya and some just outside. 13 years experienced and trusted caretaker will guarantee your stay will be superior.
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Exclusive Pratumnak Hill

฿ 2.500.000
1 bedroom in popular Pratumnak close to beach and shops/restaurants This condo offers 2 air-conditioned rooms, (Liv [more]
1 bedroom in popular Pratumnak close to beach and shops/restaurants This condo offers 2 air-conditioned rooms, (Liv [more]
11 52.00 m2full info

Beach & Mountain 2, Jomtien

only ฿ 850.000
Affordable condo in quiet Jomtien area. Quiet location with city view from the 5th floor. Close to lovely Jomtien B [more]
Affordable condo in quiet Jomtien area. Quiet location with city view from the 5th floor. Close to lovely Jomtien B [more]
11 34.00 m2full info

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